Brooklyn Nine Nine – Det. Dave Majors: Not just a crater on Mars

After putting it on pause for a bit, we’re back to the Jake and Amy relationship. In this episode, the two are paired together to work on a case, and right from the beginning we can pretty much see exactly what’s going to happen here. Jake still likes Amy. He wants to ask her out. More of this.

The two are working together on a case with Detective Dave Majors, the best detective in the NYPD. They both desperately want to impress him and prove they’re as cool as him, and that leads to some hilarious moments where the two basically try to fit the part of a standard police show. That includes Jake walking in and saying “well well well, what do we have here,” only to have wasted his cool line because Majors isn’t even there yet. “I just wasted my coolness on a bunch of nobodies!” Amy does the same thing, focusing her attention on flipping her notebook open in a cool way.

But then this storyline becomes pretty cliché, adhering to the formula we’ve seen in so many shows before. The guy wants to ask the girl out, but he keeps getting interrupted, and oh no, someone else might ask her out! Dave tells Jake he’s going to ask out Amy at the end of the case, and so Jake needs to tell Amy how he feels before that. He doesn’t, but luckily Amy turns down Dave, as Jake is happy to find out at the end. However, the reason is because she doesn’t date cops. Jake leaves disappointed, but the camera lingers on Amy and shows us that she still clearly likes him.

For a show that typically loves breaking conventions, contrasting the TV version of things with the actual version, the Jake and Amy relationship sure is pretty conventional. Over the course of the show it’s been the typical sitcom mold of “guy likes the girl, then the girl likes the guy, but things keep getting in the way of them being together.” It’s just so hard to get truly invested in this when we all know the show is just messing around and stalling for time until eventually pairing them together. It’s 2015. We need a different spin on this.

Meanwhile, Terry has an offer that might take him away from the 99, and Gina and Boyle desperately try to get him to say. Of course, it seems pretty clear from the beginning that there’s no real chance of Terry leaving, but this still leads to some fun moments of Gina and Boyle trying to suck up to Terry, and it’s great to see them paired together again. For some reason, the Gina and Boyle pairing just works so well. It’s probably because they are just so insanely different as people that they play off each other in a pretty hilarious way.

Holt makes Terry stay late to digitize old files, which at first seems like it’s going to drive Terry to the other job. But as it turns out, Holt played Terry like a fiddle, and looking through those files made him realize all the good work he does at the 99, and that’s what’s most important to him. I do really like the way this storyline develops because I figured the show would do something like having Terry decide to stay because of all of his friends at the 99, which honestly would have been kind of dumb. They’re all good friends, yeah, but also the work should be important to him too, right? I like that the show is able to remind us that these people are really in this job because they love the work and love helping people, not just because it’s fun to hang out and make fun of Boyle.

Other highlights
-In the cold open, everyone is way too intimidated to make fun of Rosa for wearing pink, but once Boyle wore a tie with a splash of purple and they called him Mr. Grape for two years.
-Amy: “I mean, I’m cool, I’m just hanging out with you guys…”
-Holt once again with his zingers that he’s so proud of. “Never’s not just a crater on Mars. Of course, it is a crater on Mars…”
-“He’s shaking Terry’s hand. Now I’m just describing everything that’s happening.”
-“Sounds to me like those face masks were once somebody’s face…faces.”
-Jake still has eight sunglass moves locked and loaded.
-“Do you know how much diapers cost?” “Yes!”
-“Someone’s due for a spanking from papa law.” “Nice.”
-“Taxes are due in eight months.” “Actually they were due two weeks ago.” “Well, that is a horrible surprise.”
-Dave makes the same semen/Jackson Pollock joke from Guardians of the Galaxy. Hmm.
-Gina says since Terry’s twins are identical he doesn’t need to take pictures of both.
-Jake accidentally slips up and says “title of our sex tape” to Amy. Whoops.
-“You’re like the wise old owl from those lollipop commercials.”

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