After a rocky start, it’s time to give ‘The Muppets’ another chance


The Muppets’ return to television has not exactly been ideal.

While the 2011 Jason Segel reboot perfectly recaptured the optimism of Jim Henson’s series, this new ABC show has been met with a collective groan as the network attempts to make the characters more adult and edgy. The result? Plenty of fans tuned in for one episode and then immediately abandoned ship, unable to handle the idea of Kermit openly discussing his sex life at 8 p.m. on a Tuesday. Just look at the dismal ratings: The Muppets has lost 5 million viewers since its premiere back in September.

But those who gave up should give the show a second chance because as of the series’ ninth episode, it is already beginning to right many of its own wrongs, and a truly great new Muppets program is beginning to take shape.

Read the full story at The Celebrity Cafe.

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