Top 10 horror films of 2015

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Despite the general consensus that modern horror movies aren’t nearly as good as the classics, 2015 was an absolutely fantastic year for the genre. Sure, there were some disappointing sequels like Insidious Chapter 3, some horror comedies that fell short of expectations like Cooties and The Final Girls and one of the worst found footage movies we’ve ever seen in The Gallows. But then there were some surprisingly great sequels throughout the year, a few enjoyable Christmas-themed films and one movie so downright disturbing it’s difficult to even recommend.

More than anything, we saw a whole lot of originality this year: only one of the films on this list is a sequel and the rest truly came from a totally creative place and brought something brand new to the table. Looking back on 12 months that really delivered, here are the 10 best horror movies of 2015.

See the list at The Celebrity Cafe.

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