10 Cloverfield Lane never earns its title


10 Cloverfield Lane is the greatest disappointing movie I’ve ever seen. When viewed on its own, it is an excellent suspense thriller with compelling characters, an intriguing mystery and a breakneck pace that keeps us glued to the screen until the last frame. Yet the film was notpresented as its own thing, was it? There’s a fine line between marketing to keep audiences in the dark and using it to blatantly lie to them. And with 10 Cloverfield Lane, Bad Robot has shamelessly done the latter, playing us all for suckers by slapping “Cloverfield” onto an unrelated screenplay purely to ensure an impressive opening weekend. For that reason, despite the fact that the movie succeeds on its own merits, it’s difficult not to walk away feeling letdown considering how poorly 10 Cloverfield Lane fails to deliver on its title’s promise.

Read the full article at The Celebrity Cafe.

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