Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and the worst kept secret in television history


*This article contains light spoilers and speculation for Game of Thrones season 6, based on set photos, interviews and trailers.*

Game of Thrones returns next month following a season finale bombshell: Jon Snow, commander of the Night’s Watch and one of the story’s primary heroes, was assassinated. But although those associated with the HBO series insist we have seen the last of Kit Harington, I have not yet encountered a single fan who believes Snow is actually gone for good. His resurrection has become the most predictable twist since Khan’s presence in Star Trek Into Darkness. Going into the season 6 premiere, then, it’s hard not to question whether HBO could have handled this whole situation better. Does it damper the excitement that practically everyone on Earth knows what’s going to happen? Was it wise to make the assassination the series’ cliffhanger when its impact would inevitably be undermined by photos of Kit Harington arriving on set?

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