Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a surprisingly complex feminist musical that deserves your attention


If you aren’t watching The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that’s probably because it’s on The CW and it’s called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But those who dismiss this series based on the title are seriously missing out on one of the most joyous, surprisingly complex comedies on air right now: a laugh out loud feminist musical spectacular unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Just from the name, you might expect Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to be a show where the majority of laughs occur at the expense of the titular character, a Michael Scott-esque fool whom the audience mocks for being an out-of-it loser obsessed with some guy. Women can be crazy, am I right? In reality, however, the series treats Rebecca with a level of respect and understanding that few comedies offer their female protagonists, painting her as a three-dimensional character with genuine flaws, whom we root for in spite of it all. In fact, the theme song goes out of its way each week to criticize the series’ name just as critics do. Rebecca complains that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is a sexist term and notes “the situation’s a lot more nuanced than that.” She’s right, of course. And that sentence serves as the thesis statement for the entire series, speaking to issues of sexuality and mental health while constantly subverting gender norms.

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