13 times Final Destination made you afraid of literally everything

After five films, the thesis of the Final Destination series is that literally anything can kill you at any time. Death can be totally pointless and random. Some people will die peacefully in their sleep, and others will be hit by a bus out of nowhere, or fall down an elevator shaft, or die in some sort of weird, Rube Goldberg type death trap.

But more than anything, these movies make us terrified of everyday objects and routines that we don’t normally think of as being scary. Suddenly, it’s not just murderers that can be after us. Our everyday activities or innocent, inanimate objects can kill us, too.

Here are 13 times the Final Destination movies made us completely terrified of everything. (WARNING: There will be plenty of gore here).

13. A piece of shrapnel decapitates this guy

In Final Destination, during a scene where Billy is arguing with Alex and Carter, we see a piece of shrapnel on the train tracks. Suddenly, a chain swipes it up and it goes flying right into Billy’s head, cutting it clean off. You can die just because a random piece of metal fell in the wrong place.

12. A log of wood completely destroys this dude

Ever see one of those logging trucks on the highway? If you ever saw Final Destination 2, this scene probably still comes to mind, where one of those logs goes flying straight through this guy’s car. It comes out the other side covered in blood and guts. This one is just so absolutely brutal, and like many of the Final Destination deaths, it takes something a lot of us see very frequently and makes it terrifying.

11. This guy gets sliced in three pieces by a barbed wire fence

Okay, this one is a little more far fetched, but it’s still pretty brutal. Someone drops a cigarette which ignites a bunch of gas, causing an explosion which propels a barb wire fence right into this guy. It’s a very specific series of events that kills him, but have you ever thought of a flying barbed wire fence as something that can kill you? Now you have.

10. This kid gets crushed by some falling glass

This is one of the most terrifying deaths in the series just because it’s so completely out of nowhere. This kid is in for a dentist appointment, and for a long, drawn out scene, we expect something in the dentist’s office to kill him. We’re surprised when the scene ends and he leaves completely fine. He steps outside and suddenly, out of nowhere, this piece of glass falls and crushes him. It happens so fast, he probably didn’t even have time to process that he was dying. That’s what’s so terrifying about some of these deaths: they can be completely random, and within seconds, you’re an exploded, bloody mess.


9. These people fall off a rollercoaster

This is one of those fears everyone worries about at some point that we get to see play out on screen. In the opening of Final Destination 3, we see a rollercoaster ride gone wrong, with passengers flying out of the car. In this gif here, the car is stuck upside down with the harnesses unlocking and everyone trying not to fall. Just keep that in mind next time you go to Six Flags.

8. These girls get a little bit too tan

This one is pretty terrifying if you’ve ever been tanning, and even if not, the thought of being stuck in a box and slowly burnt alive is freaking brutal. These girls go tanning, get stuck in the bed, and the heat is turned all the way up to the point where it catches on fire. Nobody can hear them, and so they’re left screaming and burning alive. Jesus.

7. This guy’s head explodes like a watermelon

This guy is so damn confident that he can’t be killed, as he tells our characters while he’s working out. Here’s a tip: if you’re in a horror movie, don’t brag that you’re invincible, folks, because death loves irony. I had honestly never thought about exercise equipment as something that could kill people, but in retrospect, that weight machine does kind of look like a death trap. Look at the way his head just pops and blood gets everywhere like it’s a fruit gusher. Damn.

6. This girl gets nailed (literally)

One of the most painful of the entire series, this girl here is shot over and over and over with a nail gun, with the nails going into her face and arm. It’s hard to imagine something like our head being crushed by weights, but whenever I watch this scene, I cringe imagining how painful this would be.

5. A tire comes out of nowhere and takes this girl apart

The opening of The Final Destination features a car wreck at a race our characters go to. At the end of the cold open, the characters are arguing and screaming about what happened. Then, out of nowhere, this tire comes flying in from the distance and smashes this woman into pieces. Here’s another one where it just happens so fast. One minute she’s screaming and arguing, and the next she’s nothing.

4. This guy’s insides get sucked out of him

This one is kind of a ripoff of the Chuck Palahniuk short story “Guts,” and we don’t actually see a whole lot, but the idea of it is still pretty terrifying. This dude is going swimming when he’s sucked on to the drain and his organs are sucked out through his body .

3. This girl falls from a bridge and INTO A BOAT

The bridge collapse sequence in Final Destination 5 is one of the best in the series. It’s terrifying to imagine, and the idea of falling off a bridge is pretty damn scary. Probably the worst death in that sequence is this one where this girl falls and is pierced by a boat below.

2. This gymnast breaks her entire body

It’s almost impossible not to cringe at this one. This scene, in which a gymnast dies simply from landing the wrong way, is a reminder of how quickly an easily a death can happen. This one isn’t over the top and ridiculous. Sometimes, you can just get unlucky and land a certain way, and that’s it.

1. A Buddha statue smashes this guy’s face in

This one is another example of the series just completely messing with us. Like with the dentist sequence in Final Destination 2, here we have this long, drawn out acupuncture scene where it appears this guy’s going to die in some horrifying way. But what actually gets him? A statue of Buddha, which he commented on in a throwaway line at the beginning of the scene, falls and crushes his face in, with the blood splattering on to the camera. What a way to go.

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