Hopes and fears for the Jurassic World sequel

As a huge fan of Jurassic World, part of me was really hoping the movie would fail. That might sound super contradictory, but my dream was that this could be a one-off film and that there would never be a need for a sequel. I didn’t want a new Jurassic Park franchise. World did everything I ever wanted, and now it’s time to leave it alone.

Yeah, I never said it was a realistic dream.

Now the sequel is obviously happening because I’m pretty sure the movie has made enough that Universal could open a real dinosaur theme park if they wanted to. So where do we go from here? What could the plot of the sequel possibly be? Is there any way it could be good?

I think there’s a realistic chance Jurassic World 2 will be awesome, but I have some concerns. Here are all my hopes and fears for the next movie.


This might sound like a stupid thing to hope for; why the hell would they make a Jurassic Park sequel and not set it at Jurassic Park? Well, before this we got three Jurassic Park movies, and two of them were not even in the damn park.

The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 both take place on another island, Isla Sorna, the second site where InGen bred the dinosaurs. So much of the magic of these movies comes down to exploring Isla Nublar itself, as evidenced by how incredible it was in World just to see all the locations on the island – the gate, the visitors center, and that familiar helicopter shot that gives me chills just thinking about it.

Whatever the setup is, my primary hope with Jurassic World 2 is that it actually takes us back to Isla Nublar again.


At the end of Jurassic World, the obvious sequel hook is that Dr. Wu escaped the island with the dinosaur embryos. A lot of fans have pitched a potential followup as taking place off-island, either with the dinosaurs being trained in the military, becoming a part of everyday life, or getting free somewhere on the mainland. There’s even been the idea that it could jump years ahead and take place in a Dawn of the Planet of the Apes style apocalyptic future where dinosaurs roam around a mostly desolate Earth.

That sounds absolutely awful, doesn’t it? Just focusing on the setting first, the fact that these movies take place on an island is actually really important. When I think of Jurassic Park, I think of being in a remote location and lurking all around you are dinosaurs waiting to strike. We tried seeing the dinos interact with civilization in The Lost World, and it sucked. That’s not what Jurassic Park is about, and even if the movie can’t take place at Isla Nublar, at least set it at one of the five islands.

Plus, we’ve seen the post-apocalyptic movie so many times, and I would hate for Jurassic Park to turn into that. These movies are fun because they’re about a few regular people being placed in this dangerous environment, and we don’t need to suddenly turn this into a worldwide epidemic just because every sequel has to be bigger.


I’m a big fan of franchises with consist casts throughout, and so it was fairly irritating how inconsistent the cast was in the original Jurassic Park trilogy. Sure Ian Malcom was an amazing character the first time around, but now we’re having a sequel where it’s just him? In recent years there have also been a lot of sequels that just introduce all new characters, and that can be kind of disappointing.

For Jurassic World 2, I’d love for everyone to come back. We’re already on the right path with that, as both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will be returning, but I’m talking everyone. Get back Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, Lauren Lapkus, Vincent D’Onofrio…let’s not make this another sequel where half the characters disappear between movies.

It probably wouldn’t make sense for the kids to come back; how the hell would their parents allow them to get in a situation like this again? But if someone can somehow figure out a way to get them in there, then sure, throw them in too.


This was actually a fear I had about the original Jurassic World, and it carries over into the sequel. I think everyone was a bit skeptical when they announced the idea of hybrid dinosaurs because yeah, that sounds like it would be pretty silly. In the actual movie, though, the Indominus rex was awesome and not too over-the-top at all. It felt like a dinosaur that could actually exist, and not like some sort of weird Frankenstein creation.

But are we continuing with the hybrid dinosaur premise in Jurassic World 2? If so, are these screenwriters going to have to cross even more shit together to make crazier hybrids just so the sequel is bigger and badder? It was fun in the original movie to explore the idea of the higher-ups mandating this big, loud thing without realizing the danger it’s causing, but I don’t really think the sequel needs any more of that.

I’d love for Jurassic World 2 to get back to just regular, actual dinosaurs. Maybe let’s explore some dinos we’ve never seen before in these movies because there are plenty to choose from, but I’ll be disappointed if they feel they have to make another hybrid to draw us to the theater.


I was pretty thrown off by the Jurassic World score at first, and initially I actually didn’t care for it very much. It was strange to me how sparingly Giacchnio used the classic themes, and I was kind of hoping for more of them throughout the movie.

Since then it’s really grown on me, though, and now I really admire what he did. Giacchnio made use of everything we love from the original scores while not beating us over the head with the same music from 20 years ago, and there are actually new themes! The Jurassic World theme is different from the Park theme while still feeling pretty similar; it’s like the two scores are siblings.

In addition to cast inconsistency between movies, I also really hate score inconsistency. That’s a problem Marvel ran into a lot, hiring new composers for each movie and so every Iron Man movie would have a totally new musical feel to it. If this sequel hopes to recapture the same magic of World, the score is going to be a big part of that.


I got so incredibly nervous when they started introducing the “dinosaurs in the military” plot line in Jurassic World. It was a premise we’d heard about for years when a fourth sequel was in discussion, and it always sounded absolutely dreadful, and now here it was in the movie? Oh god.

As it turns out the film handled it rather well, and we never actually did see any dinosaurs used in military combat, thankfully. Is that where the sequel is going? Can you even imagine? I couldn’t think of any worse direction to take this series in, and it really feels like something you’d be seeing on the SyFy network. Please just drop this whole plot line from the sequel entirely, guys. I’m begging you.


So where the hell are Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler? If they’re still alive in this universe, would they really just be sitting back and watching as some idiots open Jurassic Park for real? Especially now that there was a huge incident in World, this is the perfect opportunity to mix in some of the old characters and tie this back in to the original trilogy.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the old cast should play any major role in the sequel. I’m perfectly comfortable focusing on Owen and Claire. But if the originals are still going to be canon, and at least the original clearly is in World, then it seems kind of awkward to never again make any mention of where Alan, Ellie and Ian are today. Just one clip of them on the news railing against Jurassic World would be totally fine.

So what do I want the sequel to be? Honestly, as long as it’s on one of the islands, I think I’ll be okay with anything. My main worry is the idea of abandoning the setting, which is so much of what makes these movies special. In my head, I think the best possible sequel would involve InGen recovering from the aftermath of World and trying to revive the park, but Owen and Claire go in to try to stop them. The setting could still be Isla Nublar, but it would have more of a creepy, abandoned park feel, which could be a lot of fun and something we really haven’t seen before.

Just please, no military dinosaurs. Don’t do it to us, Trevorrow.

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